Picturesque Moment - A Day With Vershale

It's Saturday!

Team Vershale had been busy with the orders throughout the week with our new release - the almighty paracord bracelet and we thought it's time for us to take a few good shots at the same time, choosing the ultimate winner to qualify for #VershaleProfessionalPhotographer. 

For the shooting session, we wanted an environment that depicts style and ambiguity, being our core vision in Vershale. Photoshooting in an abandoned building eventually came into our mind, but we couldn't find any 'nice' abandoned sites in Singapore. 

Thanks to our friend Ben from Benhiew Apparels (, we had to travel to JB (which was worth it) for the shot. It was drizzling the time we arrived, but still we braved the shower for some really wacky shots!

Enjoy the shots by #TeamVershale! 

Vershale Photoshoot | 51116

Vershale Photoshoot | 51116

A few of the latest paracords coupled with R1K NMD Japan Boost, whacha think?

Vershale Photoshoot | 51116

Vershale Photoshoot | 51116

Vershale Photoshoot | 51116

Tearing the walls apart. Jk.

Vershale Photoshoot | 51116

This is pretty spooky tbh. Luckily it was still in the daylight. 

Vershale Photoshoot | 51116

Vershale Photoshoot | 51116


These pictures will eventually make it to our Instagram feeds in a few days. Oh, and we have just added this blog posting feature which makes it easier for us to share our stories and new products with you guys! 

And to celebrate our first posting, we have a big news for you guys. Due to request and demands, we will be starting International deliveries & SELLING PHYSICALLY in Fashion Concept Store in Singapore (location T.B.A) in December! 

For now, stay close with us as we release new news. Oh right, another great news. We will be having another giveaway within this month. Stick your eyes onto our Instagram for the giveaway that we will be posting!

Ciao. Cheers, 




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Love it. Do you have other designs for this paracord?

Posted by Jakey on

Bro I love the paracords man. Will be your first customer to buy when you launch it at stores

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